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Photo by: Katelyn Mallett Photography

Photo by: Katelyn Mallett Photography

Hey! That’s me with my husband, Jeff. We just went through the wedding planning process, and part of that process involved us discussing what family means to us, what traditions we want to share with our kids, and how we are going to be intentional about celebrating our family. Many of us start the historical documentation of our marriages with engagement photos, and of course wedding photography, but once kids are in the mix things tend to get a little chaotic and those photo sessions become few and far between.

We’ve already agreed that photos are going to be a priority in our family - have you made a similar commitment to celebrate yours? It’s never too late to start. Most of my clients book a lifestyle session once or twice a year to document all those wonderful little moments that change from day to day. Not only does this process give your family a dedicated time where you can step back, appreciate each other and deepen your bond, it allows me to develop a true client relationship with you over time and improve my ability to effectively document your family’s individual nature. I’m in it for the long haul, and I hope you are too!

Lifestyle Documentary Portrait Sessions

Normally $1400 - book before 10/31/19 for a

special introductory rate of $900

Perfect for families with kids of any age.

Sessions are paced for each individual client and last between 2-5 hours.

Sessions take place on location in your home. Don’t worry - it’s actually better if things are a little messy!

Your images will be professionally edited for color and consistency and delivered via online gallery. Each gallery typically consists of around 100 images which you can download and use however you like.

We also have professional print products available within your gallery that will ship directly to your home!