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Backyard BBQ Alternative Wedding in Southeastern Massachusetts | Dagny Kream Photography

If you know me at all, you can probably guess that backyard weddings are my favorite kind of wedding! I love everything about them - DIY wedding details, homecooked food (in this case BBQ!!!) and nobody kicks you out at the end of the night so you can party the day away! Done right, backyard weddings can be a perfect alternative wedding option that doesn’t break the bank.

A couple of things I always recommend to clients who are considering a backyard wedding - make sure you have a plan in place to deal with parking constraints and the ever important bathroom situation, and if you are having alcohol at your party consider hiring a licensed and insured bartending service to protect yourself and your guests.

Now, on to the pictures! Julie and Erik held their wedding ceremony at the local town park, which just so happens to be across the street from their beautiful home. After the ceremony, everyone headed over to their backyard for BBQ, yard games and live music. Doesn’t get much better than that!

Alternative Wedding Outfit Ideas for Your Unconventional Wedding | Massachusetts Wedding Photography

Who says you have to wear white on your wedding day anyway?! I’ve collected a few of my favorite alternative wedding outfits to inspire you to think outside the box when planning your wedding. **Product photos are shown for example only and are not my own images!**

Non-traditional wedding dresses leather jacket.jpg

Feeling edgy? Why not rock a black vegan leather jacket over your wedding dress for a sophisticated look with a dash of rock n’ roll? This option is somehow timeless while adding a little something extra to your look that will definitely turn heads.

Bring on the Flower Power - a beautiful hand embroidered floral wedding dress is a one of a kind way to ensure you feel special on your big day. Coordinate pops of color into your dress that go with your flowers and other decor details for a little extra oomph!

floral wedding dress.jpg
Wedding Pantsuit.jpg

Not a skirt person? How about rocking a pant suit for your nuptials? Think of all the activities you can accomplish! Jumping shots will be no problem with pants, and you can add a bold colorful blouse underneath to tie everything together beautifully.

If you spent more time in the thrift store than the department stores, you may want to consider opting for a vintage frock when you say I Do. Pick your favorite era and go from there! A 1970s look for boho brides, or 1950s for something even more retro can be a classy edition to your overall wedding theme.

Vintage 1970s wedding dress.jpg
wedding jumpsuit.JPG

What if you’re looking for something a bit more glam? Can’t go wrong with a white jumpsuit! Just make sure it’s comfortable so you can dance the night away.

How to Choose the Right Wedding Photographer for You
Dagny Kream Photo Unconventional-1.jpg

Choosing your wedding photographer can be a daunting task, especially if you haven’t had experience working with a photographer before. If you are on the hunt for your photography pro, I always recommend starting by making a list of what services and products you will definitely want your photographer to be able to provide.  What will you want to do with your photos after the wedding? If you choose to only purchase digital files, will you be happy only ever seeing your images on a computer screen? If not, do you think you’ll have the time to print your images or design an album yourself?

Be realistic about what you can and can’t do. A professional archival album or print will last you your entire life, and be color corrected to the photographer’s standards. When you print photos yourself there is a much greater chance that your images will be inconsistent in terms of coloring and quality, and not last as long. If printed products are important to you, make sure your photographer offers them. I offer gallery wrap canvases, fine art prints and albums as add-ons to all of my wedding collections!

You may not have a firm sense of how many hours of coverage you need - this is totally normal! When we hop on the phone to talk about your wedding day, I will offer suggestions to make sure you’re getting the right number of hours for your needs. For example, if your wedding has less than 60 guests, you aren’t looking for a ton of formal portraits, and your ceremony will be shorter, usually 6 hours is enough time to cover at least a little bit of everything else - including getting ready, toasts and dancing. Larger weddings usually can be covered with 8 hours of coverage.

Most importantly, make sure the personality and style of the photographer you are considering is a match. In terms of personality, usually you can gauge this from the way their “About Me” page is written on their website, the types of captions they post on social media, and how they interact with you once you reach out to them. It’s important to select a photographer who you will feel comfortable hanging out with on the big day! My couples typically choose me because I have a quiet and easy going personality and I tend to stay out of the way and let things happen naturally. But you will also finding me dancing just as hard as everybody else once the party gets started, because the best way to get photos of everyone having fun is to have fun yourself!

Dagny Kream Photography Stories 2018-34.jpg

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How to Decide on Your Wedding Guest List
Dagny Kream Photography nov-15.jpg

An estimated 2 million engaged couples will be getting married this year, and if you are one of them you’re probably putting off choosing who to invite to your big day! It’s a struggle that can intimidate even the most organized among us - if you invite uncle Joe, does that mean you have to invite his two daughters, and their kids too?! It quickly becomes apparent that your invite list is just one B-list friend away from snowballing into a multi-day, 200+ guest fiasco. So what’s the secret to a perfectly curated guest list?

First off, it’s important to go into your planning with the right attitude. Although you’ll hear advice to the contrary, your wedding IS about you - just because your parents are expecting to invite 20 of their closest friends doesn’t mean that’s what you have to do if you’re an introvert who will be paralyzed with fear at the thought of so many people watching you make the biggest commitment of your life.

So let’s take a minute to clear the clutter from our heads and really focus in on what type of wedding you want to have. Maybe it IS a huge wedding with all the bells & whistles, or maybe you’ve already fallen in love with a venue that can only accommodate 60 guests, or perhaps you fall into my favorite category of people and you’re considering an intimate wedding or elopement with less than 15 guests. And hey, if you ARE planning a tiny wedding, we have special rates for that! Send me an email for more info.

Dagny Kream Photography nov-11.jpg

Once you’ve decided on what size wedding you want (remember, this might be different than your loved ones are imagining for your day and THAT’S OK!), start from the top and work your way down. Parents, Grandparents and Siblings are usually a must. After that, move on to other family and friends. If you have a big family, you may decide to invite only aunts and uncles, no cousins. Or maybe you skip the extended family entirely and keep it to your closest friends and immediate family. Here’s the secret: there’s no wrong answers here, and you can’t make everybody happy.

Dagny Kream Photography nov-10.jpg
Why You Should Consider an Unplugged Wedding

A lot of my couples this year have opted for unplugged weddings and I have to say I’m SO EXCITED. If you haven’t heard of this before, an unplugged wedding ceremony is technology free - that means no cell phones, iPads, cameras or other digital distractions allowed. Unplugged weddings are the best! Here’s why:

  • Your guests get the opportunity to truly be in the moment. Without the distraction of taking photos, they can fully appreciate and be involved in your thoughtful ceremony.

  • Your images from your professional photographer will be better at an unplugged wedding ceremony - since your guests will be devoting their full attention to your ceremony, your photographer will be able to capture better reaction shots of guests, and there will be no cell phone screens cluttering up the image.

  • It builds anticipation - rather than have tons of blurry or unflattering cell phone photos posted online for everyone to see within seconds of your first kiss, you get to experience the excitement of waiting for and receiving gorgeous teasers and final images from your photographer. Sharing the images from your wedding with your loved ones can be far more impactful if they have to wait for them and the images are of professional quality.


In order to make sure your guests are as prepared as possible for this new tradition, make sure to include a section on your wedding website explaining why you’ve asked them to shut their phones off for the ceremony. You can also have a decorative sign displayed at the entrance to your ceremony location that requests guests power down all electronic devices prior to the ceremony, and instruct your officiant to make an announcement at the beginning of the ceremony reminding everyone to put away their devices.

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