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Roxy | Professional Headshots New England Winter Portrait Session

Have you ever had professional headshots done by a photographer?

Roxanne and I make sure her headshots are updated at least once per year! This gives her fresh content for her social media posts and any print or web features related to her business. They are vital to maintaining a current online image…and they’re just fun to do as well.

Creating Your Own Personal Sanctuary: Haven Wood Prints

Self-care is all the rage these days but let’s be honest; your day is more likely to end with you crashed on the couch watching TV, burned out from another hectic day than it is likely to end with a quiet, candlelit dinner, a warm bubble bath or 30 minutes of meditation. We are all seeking ways to center ourselves, to take better care of ourselves, but those moments don't always come easily. Self care has transformed into more than a radical idea you read about on the internet. It is attainable and something I believe every one needs and deserves in their lives.

These Haven Wood Prints have been an act of self care for myself. Beyond the meditative act of taking the photograph, drinking in the flower and absorbing it's every details, these sturdy wooden art pieces truly radiate warmth and positivity throughout your home. Our 8x8 Hexagon and Square shapes are meant to be displayed in groupings of 3 or more throughout your home. They can easily be mounted to the wall with no additional hardware or frame needed, or set upon your desk with the included matching wood stand to serve as a reminder to breathe deep and center yourself throughout your day. In this way, our wood prints have the magical effect of creating a kind of private sanctuary in your home - no stressful wall hanging nightmares required!

I offer custom wood prints as well as ready-to-ship pieces in my shop. To learn more visit us by CLICKING HERE!

Owen | Lifestyle Documentary Newborn Session | Bridgewater Massachusetts

This summer I had the privilege of photographing Adrianna and her baby boy Owen while we visited Owen at the hospital, and then again once he was finally home after a long wait. Owen is a preemie and was born at 35 weeks, and I have been so totally amazed at Adrianna's strength and grace as she navigates this challenge with her new family.

Strength doesn't always mean putting on a brave face - strength is asking for help, it is waking up at 2AM to make sure your baby has milk and driving 30 minutes to the hospital multiple times a day to cuddle and feed, it is riding each wave as it comes and putting this tiny persons needs before your own over and over again.

I don't want to pretend to understand an experience I've never been through, but watching friends grow into such incredible mothers has showed me motherhood can be darkness and light, heartbreak and joy, all at once. And seeing this family home, finally together, makes it worth every difficult moment.

Jill & Gabe | Winslow House Rustic Chic Wedding | Marshfield Massachusetts

Jill and Gabe are childhood sweethearts… their parents lived up the street from each other (and still do!) and Gabe was good friends with Jill’s brother before they got together in high school. They’ve been inseparable ever since! Since their parents still live in their childhood homes in Plympton, they were able to get ready in the place where they grew up, which was so special for both of them. So many thoughtful details went into their day, from the hand-stitched heart that Jill’s aunt added to her wedding gown to the beautiful decor scattered lovingly throughout their historic venue - The Isaac Winslow House in Marshfield Massachusetts.

I was so grateful that Jill and Gabe invited me into their day, to celebrate a love spanning over 20 years and a lifetime of memories they have already been able to create together. I can’t wait to see what the future holds for you both!