Demo Day | Garage Conversion Project

We didn’t want to spoil the surprise so almost nobody knew until yesterday when the excavator showed up for demo that WE GOT OUR BUILDING PERMIT! This has been a day we were waiting for for 2 years now and there have been so many unexpected delays that we decided to stop giving anyone updates until things actually are happening. It’s just too frustrating to have to explain over and over again why something didn’t go according to schedule.

We thought it would take all day but they managed to clear the site in about 4 hours. Two 40 foot dumpsters later the area is completely barren, and honestly it was bittersweet. I’m glad we can give this space a fresh start and build the right way, but I spent 20 years of my life looking out at this garage and for it to just be gone is more jarring and emotional than I thought it would be. I’ll feel better once framing starts next week!