Duxbury Beach Portrait Session | Powder Point Bridge | Lifestyle Photography Massachusetts

Powder Point Bridge in Duxbury has a special place in my heart, so when Jillienne suggested we shoot her lifestyle portrait session there I was so excited! It was a beautiful, windy day. We explored the beach in her red truck, ran around barefoot and watched the tide coming in from the shore. Coastal beach sessions can be so much more than posing in front of the ocean, and places like Duxbury Beach offer so many alternative locations to take portraits. It’s safe to say that this is a top 10 spot for portrait sessions in Massachusetts!

Backyard BBQ Alternative Wedding in Southeastern Massachusetts | Dagny Kream Photography

If you know me at all, you can probably guess that backyard weddings are my favorite kind of wedding! I love everything about them - DIY wedding details, homecooked food (in this case BBQ!!!) and nobody kicks you out at the end of the night so you can party the day away! Done right, backyard weddings can be a perfect alternative wedding option that doesn’t break the bank.

A couple of things I always recommend to clients who are considering a backyard wedding - make sure you have a plan in place to deal with parking constraints and the ever important bathroom situation, and if you are having alcohol at your party consider hiring a licensed and insured bartending service to protect yourself and your guests.

Now, on to the pictures! Julie and Erik held their wedding ceremony at the local town park, which just so happens to be across the street from their beautiful home. After the ceremony, everyone headed over to their backyard for BBQ, yard games and live music. Doesn’t get much better than that!

Demo Day | Garage Conversion Project

We didn’t want to spoil the surprise so almost nobody knew until yesterday when the excavator showed up for demo that WE GOT OUR BUILDING PERMIT! This has been a day we were waiting for for 2 years now and there have been so many unexpected delays that we decided to stop giving anyone updates until things actually are happening. It’s just too frustrating to have to explain over and over again why something didn’t go according to schedule.

We thought it would take all day but they managed to clear the site in about 4 hours. Two 40 foot dumpsters later the area is completely barren, and honestly it was bittersweet. I’m glad we can give this space a fresh start and build the right way, but I spent 20 years of my life looking out at this garage and for it to just be gone is more jarring and emotional than I thought it would be. I’ll feel better once framing starts next week!